NuVi GPS Car Navigator, Screen Images with details.
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The screen images are 2.8” W x 2.1”H but your monitor resolution may make these images
larger or smaller than actual size.

Using the FIND feature
Options on the first screen, Pick WHERE TO?      Then you see have available THREE screens
Note the signal strength indicator in the upper       
of options to select from.
left.  This is the only GPS locked indication.                                                                                   

Pick one of the options by "touching" the icon for your selection.

First, we will pick ADDRESS.
Then pick the default state or pick another.            Then you can either spell the city or put in your
                                                                                    address and let the GPS search for the address
                                                                                    over the entire state selected.

Then enter street NUMBER and press DONE.     Enter the name of the street.  Leave off North or
                                                                                    other direction and any St., Rd., Ln, etc.

Then pick the street name from list.                        Then pick exact address from offered list.
If no street if offered, check spelling, or city selected may be wrong.

Pick GO, or Show Map, or Save as desired.           GO generates route map and audio instructions.
The above is the basic sequence for address input and using the NuVi to route to an address.

This is the Trip Computer page.  Access by
pressing Speed/Arrival button, lower left.

Now we take a look at the guidance directions operating in POP UP mode.  Note: To
Enable the POP UP MODE, press the Turn In button, lower right of screen.

Three typical turn presentations by the POP UP mode.     White arrow (N) points to North Direction.

Below are typical turn presentations when NOT in POP UP mode.

Below is how you use some of the many FIND features of the NuVi
First we select Find FOOD.
First I picked AMERICAN from the list.    Then I picked Old Town Restaurant.

Then you pick GO  and routing begins.       If you are ROUTING, the Where To page
                                                                    looks like this.  Go to it (MENU or Back)
                                                                    to STOP routing or generate a Detour.

Other Features
From the WhereTo  page select Settings.                  From the WhereTo page select Travel Kit.

From WhereTo select My Locations then press Recent Selections for last 20 destinations saved.

WhereTo>Lodging gives nearest Hotels/Motels.   If you Spell a Hotel Name and there are none near.

When you just MUST have a specific restaurant and you want to know the nearest ones.

All of the following group are under ATTRACTIONS or ENTERTAINMENT Listings.
WhereTo>Attractions>Amusement and Theme Parks Nearby

Find Nearby Wineries                                               Find Nearby Museums

Find Nearby Parking                                                 Find Bars/Clubs, Casinos, Theaters

WhereTo>Attractions>Movies                                Nearby Golf Club Listings.

The following are other general services listings.
WhereTo>Auto Services                                                                  WhereTo> Transit

WhereTo> Nearby Hospitals                                                                         WhereTo> Nearby Cities

NuVi's MP3, Audio Book, Foreign Phrasebook and other Features
Audio Book Selection Capability             Convert Language Words and Phrases (sample)

MP3 Audio Player Control                          Select MP3 by category as desired.

Select individual song or Play in sequence     Select Genre from list for auto sort.

We note here that the NuVi is a complex device.  BUT.. Controls are well organized and
you can do the straight GPS Car Navigator function very easily.  Then you can learn all
of the fancy audio and music features as you need them.

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