765T Routing Northward Along GA 400 to Joe's House
(jack yeazel and joe mehaffey)

nuvi765T  (#1)                                                                             nuvi 760 (#2)
Routing Right and then crossing Ga400 is UNacceptable---- #2 Route Acceptable, but uses two lane road instead of freeway

The 765T routes considerably 'out of the way'.


Nuvi 765T (#3)                      Return Trip Southward                          Nuvi 760 (#4)

Above is the "optimum" routing both ways----------------Above is acceptable but slower routing

The routes southward are different, but both are 'logical'.


What is Different?
The 765T has a later map.

This shows the problems we have experienced in several places.  And the problems exist in the latest firmware updates.  It may be that there is some problem  with how the route algorithm interprets the highway class data.  The older Streetpilots generally (in our testing routes at least) do a considerably more "as expected" routing than  did the 765T reviewed.  But the Street Pilots DO like the (not quite optimum) route in image #2, but don't make the gross error shown in image #1.