NEW Thern 4WS Winch Wiring Information – Antenna Winch on Tower Hill Antenna. 


Thern Model 4WS3M70, SERIAL# 40950721

NEW WIRING USING NEW RELAY PART NUMBER Telemechanique LC2D1211.. Note:  The replacement relay furnished by Thern is a similar and improved BUT DIFFERENT CONTACT ARRANGEMENT from the old relay part number LC2D1201.  The new relay is NOT wired like the old relay and the NEW winch  wiring is described below. This relay can be used without any “AUX” contacts on top of the relay as the extra NC contact in each relay section provides the electrical cross lock-out feature.

Overcurrent Relay is  Telemecanique LR2-D13 in LA7-D1064 mount (Note: ILR references InterLockingRelay and OCR references the OverCurrent Relay.)

Thern tech support Jay Hockinson, 507-454-2996, x 243

Relay Wiring Details

1)      normal input power = 240vac

2)       On input 4 pin screw terminal strip,

a)      pin 1=240vac terminal A (Black)

b)      pin 2=240vac terminal B (Red)

c)      pin 3 (not used)

d)      Pin 4= Safety Gnd (Green) > XFMR SG wire

e)      Note: AC Neutral is not used on this controller. NC (Put wire into Input terminal strip Pin 3 or otherwise deadhead.

3)      UP/Down cable to 30ft pendant control cable

a)      RED= 120vac power from XFMR fuse goes to RED in cable.

b)      WHITE in pendant cable goes to relay A, term 01NC  (Lower 01 screw) on the interlocking relay.  See “A” ink label on top of relay section A.

c)      BLACK in pendant cable goes to relay B, term 01NC (Upper 01 screw) on the interlocking relay.  See “B” ink label on top of relay section B.

d)      GREEN in the pendant cable goes to safety GND, pin 4 on input terminal strip.

4)      Motor/Brake Assembly,  Baldor Motor Cat# CWDL3510, Spec#35J306X945, Brake Model and Vendor not known.  Wiring in motor junction box is as follows.

             Cable to Motor     Cable to Control    Cable to Brake Assy    Function

                     Wire  1                Black                   Red#1    A-phase winding 1 top                 

                     Wires 2 & 3        Yellow                 Red#2     A-phase winding 1&2 CT

                     Wire 4                 White                   NC         A-phase winding 2 bottom

                     Wire 5                 Red                      NC         B-phase winding top w/Cap

                     Wire 8                 Brown                  NC         B-phase winding bottom

       See Motor Wiring Diagram at end of this wire list.

5)      Cable to MOTOR and BRAKE is wired as follows: (Note: ILR  LC2C1211 section A is the end closest to the 220VAC incoming power terminal block.  Section B is on the end closest to the bottom of the NEMA box.

a)      Motor RED goes to ILR section A,  pin ILR A-6-T3 NO > ILR B-2-T1

b)      Motor  YELLOW goes to interlocking relay section B,  pin ILR B-1-L1 NO >  ILR A1-L1 NO..

c)      Motor BROWN goes to ILR section B,  pin B-6-T3  > A-2-T1

d)      Motor WHITE wire goes to OverCurrent Relay Pin  6-T3 which is located just to the right of the Interlocking relay on the NEMA panel.

e)      Motor BLACK wire goes to pin OCR-2-T1 located just to the right of the Interlocking relay.

6)      Other wires on the several components are as follows:

a)      Terminal Pin 1 (L1), main power (BLACK) > xfmr pin H1 > ILR-A3-L2 NO > ILR B3-L2 NO (220vac input L1)

b)      Terminal Pin 2 (L2), main power  (RED) > xfmr pin H4 > ILR-A5-L3> ILR-B5-L3 > B13-NO > A-13-NO (220vac input L2)

c)      ILR-A-4-T2 > ILR-B-4-T2 > OLR-3-L2

d)      OLR-1-L1 >  OLR-4-T2        

e)      OLR-95 NC > XFMR pin X2

f)        OLR –96 NC > ILR-B-A2 (coil2) > ILR-A-A2 (coil2)

g)      ILR –B-A1 (coil1) > ILR-A-02-NC  (pendant cross connect)

h)      ILR –A-A1 (coil2) > ILR B-02-NC  (pendant cross connect)

i)        XFMR Safety Gnd >  Input Terminal Block Pin 4

7)      Other Information

a)      Overload relay is set to 6.5 AC Amperes

b)      XFMR is 240/480 to 120vac.  It is wired as 240 to 120vac.

c)      XFMR Fuse is Class CC, KDKx-2A.  Xfmr is 50VA capable.Impervitran model B050BTZ13JK.


ILR contactor pinouts are as follows: (Model LC2D1211)

ILR Section A….


13 NO                         14 NO


5 L3                               6 T3


3 L2                               4 T2


1 L1                               2 T1


02 NC (top)                   02 NC (top) Interlock contact to FWD [white) wire in Pendant switch)


ILR Section B...

01 NC (bottom)             01 NC  (bottom) Interlock contact REV (black) wire in Pendant switch)


13 NO                           14 NO


5 L3                                 6 T3


3 L2                                 4 T2


1 L1                                 2 T1


Overload Relay pinouts are as follows: (Model LR2-D1312)


5 L3                                   6 T3  Goes to wire 4 on motor (white)


3 L2                                   4 T2


1 L1                                   2 T1  Goes to wire 1 on motor (Black)


98 NO             --               97NO  Goes to ILR relay Coils A2 & A2        


96 NC              –               95NC   Not Used


Wiring Diagram for Control Circuitry in NEMA box


Baldor Motor Diagram. 


Note:  The 120vac BRAKE coil is connected across from Baldor Wire 1 over to the junction of wires 2 and 3.  A sketch of the entire motor, clutch and controller assembly is shown below. 


Some Thern Drawings may have the above error.  The Correction has been made and the main relay drawing  and wire list shows the corrected relay interconnection schematic.